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Sky Lanterns Safety and Usage Instructions


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Safety Precautions
  • No Wind: Never fly sky lanterns when there is any noticeable wind present. Only launch sky lanterns in windless conditions. Wind will collapse the sides of the sky lantern in which forces the hot air out. When that happens the sky lantern does not have enough hot air in it to rise. It can then fall back to the earth, possibly starting a fire. Wind may also blow the sky lantern sideways instead of up, which can possibly start a fire. Be careful and please use common sense.
  • Make Sure You Have a Clear Path Upwards: Make sure the flight path is clear so that lanterns will not drift into nearby buildings, trees, or other structures. The best launch spots are wide, open spaces, with nothing nearby or above which can catch your sky lantern and keep it from rising.
  • Only Flame Retardant Treated Paper: Only use sky lanterns that are made from flame retardant paper. Flame retardant paper may char, but it will not catch on fire.
  • Stay Away from Airports: Never fly sky lanterns within 5 miles of an airport.
  • Not for Children: Sky lanterns should be kept out of the reach of children.
  • Stay Away from Roads: Do not release next to roads or other public thoroughfares.
  • Avoid Drought & Dry Conditions: Do not release sky lanterns in dry or drought conditions. Do not release near dry grass or leaves, or near dry crops.
  • No Alcohol or Drugs: Never handle sky lanterns when under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Wear gloves and flame retardant clothing.
  • Keep Water or Fire Extinguishers Nearby in case of fire.
  • Do not use torn or damaged lanterns.
How to Use Sky Lanterns
  • Carefully remove the sky lantern from its plastic packaging. Then gently unfold it. The tissue paper is thin and easily torn with rough handling.
  • Carefully open up the sky lantern by gently shaking it, using the same type of motion you use to open a plastic garbage bag--but more gently. Make sure all flat seams have been opened up. Then remove the white paper covering from the waxy fuel pad.
  • Your fuel pad is a multi-layer sandwich of paper and wax-impregnated cloth. Open up one corner of it, so that several layers are spread open. Then turn the sky lantern on its side and light the opened-up corner of the fuel pad. A windproof butane lighter works really well. Be careful not to let the flame burn the tissue paper. DO NOT LIGHT LANTERNS INDOORS.
  • Keep holding the lantern sideways til the fuel pad is burning well. Then flip the sky lantern so the fuel pad is underneath the lantern. Then hold the lantern by the top, allowing the sky lantern to completely fill with hot air. It may take a minute or two for the lantern to completely up. The sky lantern will start pushing upwards as you hold it, and will try to rise. At that point hold the sky lantern for 20-30 seconds more. At that point, you can release it any time you want.
  • If any wind is blowing while you're holding the sky lantern, it may collapse the sides in. If that happens, do not release your sky lantern until either the wind stops, or the sky lantern burns out. Never release a sky lantern into the wind. It can get blown sideways and start a fire.
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