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What is a Sky Lantern?
Sky Lanterns, also known as Wish Lanterns and Konming Lanterns, can be thought of as a miniature hot-air balloons that can launched in your back yard for a special event or occassion.

The lantern itself is made of lightweight biodegradeable tissue paper on a bamboo frame with a small wax fuel cell suspended in the middle. Just light the wax fuel cell and the lantern fills with hot air, causing it to rise gently into the night sky.

What do Sky Lanterns look like?
If you've never seen one for yourself, it is really a magical experience. Imagine a glowing balloon silently rising high into the night sky, like a little star rising from your back yard.

Your lantern will keep climbing until the wax fuel cell burns out. Once it's finished, the air inside the lantern will cool and it will return silently back to earth. And don't worry, our Sky Lanterns are designed to be environmentally-friendly with biodegradable materials.

Where do Sky Lanterns come from?
The first Sky Lanterns were invented centuries ago by a Chinese military officer as a signal beacon. The lanterns have been a part of Asian culture ever since, and today they are a magical part of festivals like Loi Krathong in Thailand.

Thai people actually believe that the Sky Lanterns will carry their worries and cares away on the evening breeze as they float gently away.

Are Sky Lanterns available in America?
Yes. Although for decades Sky Lanterns were rarely seen in America, they have recently become available for you to order for yourself.

We are proud to work directly with producers of Sky Lanterns in China to bring you the most authentic hand-made Sky Lanterns available at an affordable price.

Our Sky Lanterns are:
-Easy to use - just unfold and light the candle
-Biodegradeable - made from lightweight flame-retardant tissue paper with a bamboo ring.
-High-quality - hand-made of the highest quality materials
-Affordable - with prices starting under $2.00 per lantern, you can create a giant constellation in the night sky for under $100

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Sky Lanterns are a magical way to mark any event in your life. Imagine closing your wedding ceremony with the launch of a few cheerfully glowing lanterns to float away into the night. Some people even write a special wish on the biodegradable paper frame of their Sky Lantern and send it soaring up to a mile high into the night sky.

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