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Eco Friendly Premium Sky Lanterns with a Bamboo Frame

Our Premium Sky Lanterns are the largest, most colorful, highest quality sky lanterns on the market, and are perfect for parties, celebrations, weddings, and memorials. Hand-made from the heaviest paper and highest quality materials, with no plastic parts. They are both flame resistant and biodegradable.

All of our sky lanterns come individually wrapped in plastic, with launching instructions, and a pre-attached fuel cell.

You and your guests will marvel at the beauty of each sky wish lantern as it floats silently into the night sky. Using the power of fire, the sky wish lantern will fly for several minutes and may go over a mile into the air.

Our colored sky wish lanterns are also perfect for daytime use, when their vibrant colors show up wonderfully in the daylight as they soar off into the distance.
White Sky Lanterns

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Sky lanterns produce a stunning glow when launched into the night sky, and can travel a great distance before gently making its descent after the fuel cell has burned out. Our colored sky lanterns can be particularly great for use during daylight hours, when their bright color will be visible as they soar off into the distance.  

Day or night - Sky lanterns from are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, celebrations, memorials, funerals, and remembrance services.

These are our traditional sky lanterns, hand-made to the highest quality standards from fire retardant paper and bamboo, and individually wrapped for protection.

All of our sky wish lanterns are biodegradable and come with a pre-attached fuel cell, making them the most easy to use and environmentally friendly sky lanterns available today.

Also available in a variety of other colors, our sky lanterns are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Let your wishes fly!

Sky lanterns should never be flown when there is any noticeable wind present. Wait for a calm day. Wind may blow the sides of the sky lantern in, forcing the hot air out and causing the sky lantern to fall back to earth, possibly causing a fire. Only buy and use fire-retardant sky lanterns like we sell at

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