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Glo-Loons® LED Balloon Lights | Innovative New Glow Balloons

Glo-Loons® are innovative new LED balloon lights with tiny LED lights inside that give the balloon a glow-in-the-dark effect when the light is activated.

With our NEW and IMPROVED larger, lightweight design, Glo-Loons® balloon lights float longer when filled with compressed helium. No heavy, leaky fill valves to deal with. Just inflate to 12-14 inches. Do not over-inflate or they will pop.

3 Light Modes: The light in each balloon can be set to three modes- fast flashing, slow flashing, or constant on.

Ready to use: These LED Glow Balloons have the LED light pre-installed and will stay lit for up to 24 hours.

Green Glo-Loon Balloon Lights
Glo-Loons® LED Balloon Lights XL (5 pack Green)
In Stock
Regular Price: $10.99
ON SALE NOW: $6.99
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Helium Tank
Helium Tank Large
In Stock
Regular Price: $82.39
ON SALE NOW: $54.87
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Tank of helium to inflate Glo-Loons anytime, anywhere. Very safe and easy to use.
With your own tank of helium, you can inflate all the balloons at home or any location right when you need them.
Light up your next party with fantastic "Glo-Loons®" LED balloons. Each latex Glo-Loon® light up balloon has an LED light inside the balloon. Surprise everyone with this eye-catching and entertaining glow-in-the-dark effect that most people have never seen. You can inflate Glo-Loons® up to 12-14 inches by mouth or with a hand pump. Or use our Helium Tanks to make them float in the air. You can turn them on and off, or make them blink either fast or slow. Just pinch and squeeze the little switch on top to operate. Glo-Loons® are popular glowing decorations that everyone will enjoy!

Note on Using Helium with Glo-Loons®: The LED light and batteries inside these balloons make them heavier than regular balloons with no lights inside. So they need more helium to get them to float. Because of their weight they will not stay up as long as regular balloons. Normally, these balloons start to come down after 3-5 hours. Float time depends on the quality and quantity of helium used, temperature, altitude of your location, and other factors. We suggest you wait until the last possible moment to fill your Glo-Loons® with helium, so that you can maximize their float time. Please plan accordingly for your event. - a Quantum Products company

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